Golgari's Graveyard Growth

by TheVanished on 09 October 2016

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Deck Description

Say that name 10 times fast.

Could really use some help with the sideboard.

How to Play

Your whole combo revolves around launching off a Brain in the Jar on their turn for a Splendid Reclamation into some giant creature.
Cards can be split into a few catagories:
Graveyard fillers: Fork in the Road, The Gitrog Monster, Grapple with the Past, Crawling Sensation, and Creeping Dread. Of these, Grapple and Crawling are your most powerful.
Graveyard returners: Ever After (in case you mill your big guys), Splendid Reclamation (for the fun part), Grapple, and Liliana.
The winners: Architect (get out early for maximum chaos once Splendid goes off), Emrakul (duh.), Ulamog (again, duh.), Ulvenwald (gets pretty scary once you drop him after a Splendid.), and possibly Lilly's Ultimate. Ever After (not just one, but TWO big scary people?!?! count me in!)

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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