Glass Cannon [Pauper]

by thurge on 11 June 2020

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Deck Description

Pretty self explanatory. It's a glass cannon deck. Idea was inspired the Thassa's Oracle decks I keep seeing in Historic on Arena.

How to Play

You wanna get Library of Leng out prior to Treasure Hunt so you can keep the cards in hand.

Spirit Guide is to accelerate you a little more, even if he is a little redundant with the win-con.

Spiraling Embers FTW.

It's usually smart to cap your mana at 4. There's really no reason to go beyond that, and you're better off keeping those in your hand to count for Embers.

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  • Pauper
  • jank
  • Izzet

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Deck discussion for Glass Cannon [Pauper]

I like your deck. Check mine out
Do you think the cycle lands or Mystic Sanctuary would help your deck out.

Posted 18 June 2020 at 23:06


Sanctuary would probably be a no-brainier. Gives you a second chance to do the damage in case of a counter.

Posted 19 June 2020 at 16:47