Dimir Mill

by tinytone on 13 September 2021

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Deck Description

This is a fun deck that tries to mill your opponent before they kill you.

How to Play

The following creatures mill your opponent:
- Thieves' Guild enforcer
- Ruin Crab
- Souring Though-Thief
- Vantress Gargoyle

Ideally, you'd keep your mana open and counter their spells using Drown in the Loch or Psychic Strike in their turn. If you still have open mana available, you can then flash in the Thieves' Guild Enforcer or Soaring Though-Thief.

Dropping the Teferi's Tutelage enchantment early can help with the mill strategy. If you're able to then cast Into the Story and draw 5 cards - this can easily mill an opponent out.

Ideal play scenario:

Turn 1:
- Play an Island.
- Play a Ruin Crab.

Turn 2:
- Play a Swamp (Mill 3 from the Crab). Pass the turn.
- In your opponents turn, flash in a Soaring Thought-Thief.

Turn 3:
- Play a Swamp (Mill 3 from the Crab)
- Play a Thieves' Guild Enforcer (Mill 2 when entering the battlefield)
- Play a 2nd Soaring Thought-Thief (Mill another 2)
- All the Thieves' guild Enforcers now get +2/+1 and Deathtouch, and the Souring Though-Thief gets +1/+0 from the opponent have 8 or more cards in their graveyard.
- Attack with the Thieves' guild Enforcer (Mill 4 [ 2 x 2 ])

Turn 4:
- Play a Fabled Passage and retrieve a basic land (Mill 6 [3 x 2] from the Crab)
- Hold up counter spells
- Swing in with Rogues (Mill 4 [2 x 2] from the Soaring Thought-Thieves)

At this point you've milled 20 cards.

Turn 5:
- Play a Teferi's Tutelage
- Hold up counter spells (Drown in the Loch)

Turn 6:
- Play Into the Story drawing 5 cards and making the opponent mill 10 cards
- etc.

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I think you've shown willingness enough to work on the descriptions to be on the list.
I'll add you now.
Feel free to contact anyone of the others at your leisure.

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Cheers! :D

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No big deal :)
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