Master of Cruelties

by tinytone on 13 October 2021

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Deck Description

This is a general, all purpose rakdos deck featuring some cool red/black cards from back in the day of Innistrad:

Master of Cruelties - what a dude? Attack with him alone and reduce your opponents life total to 1 if he isn't blocked. If he is blocked, then his first strike + deathtouch hit will definitely kill something. Keep attacking each turn until your opponent runs out of creatures and can't block him. Then finish the opponent off, who's at 1 health, with a burn spell!

Other cool combo's include
- Play Hellhole Flailer (unleasher) who's then a 4/4
- Attack with the Hellhole Flailer and Bloodrush it with Rubblebelt Maaka attacking for 7!
- Then sacrifice him (for 4 mana) and do an additional 7 damage to the opponents face!
- 14 damage alone! What a legend!

Demons! Lots of demons in this deck too:
- Rakdos, Lord of Riots (hard to cast)
- Desecration Demon (massive 6/6 but can get locked down)
- Master of Cruelties (has to block alone)

... all the demons are very powerful, but come at a "price". Nothing is ever for free - you have to deal with each Demon's "baggage!". But all in all - they're awesome!

And last but not least: Olvia Voldaren. What can I say about her? This lovely lady can singlehandedly take over and win the game on her own. She can remove everything, take control of vampires and grows bigger and bigger each time she tastes blood. And she's a flyer too!

How to Play

Turn 1:
- Mountain.

Turn 2:
- Swamp
- Spike Jester
- Attack for 3!

Turn 3:
- Mountain
- Rakdos Keyrune (extra mana)
- Attack for 3!

Turn 4:
- Master of Cruelties
- Attack for 3!

Turn 5:
- Dreadbore and kill a defender
- Castdown and kill another defender
- Attack with just the Master of Cruelties and reduce your opponents life total to 1

Turn 6:
- Cast either Brimstone Volley, Devil's play or Rakdos's return and burn your opponent killing them!

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  • Rakdos
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  • Burn

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