Roaring Primadox

by tinytone on 21 September 2021

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Deck Description

This build centres around "Enter the Battlefield" effects when creatures come into play.

With Roaring Primadox in play, you can essentially return 1 creature to your hand in each of your upkeeps. This allows you to create a toolbox of utility cards that can be constantly replayed over and over.

Want to destroy all your opponents lands (or focus on a single land colour to really cripple them)?
- bounce and keep replaying Acidic Slime.

Want to permanently lock your opponent out of combat ?
- bounce and keep replaying Stonehorn dignitary

Want to keep drawing cards?
- bounce and keep replaying Elvish Visionary

Want to board wipe and destroy all your opponent's [tapped] creatures?
- bounce and keep replaying Sunblast Angel

Want to gain 5 life and a 3/3 beast token each turn?
- bounce and keep replaying Thragtusk?

Want to create an army of 3/3 first striking golums?
- bounce and keep replaying Blade Splicer?

Want to keep destroying your opponents fliers?
- bounce and keep replaying Stingerfling spider?

Want to tutor to a card with deathtouch (Acidic Slime) or reach (Stingerfling spider)
- bounce and replay Mwonvuli Beast Tracker

Want to tutor to a specific card?
- use Green Sun's Zenith

Want to get another one of your existing cards in play, to re-enter the battlefield again for 1 white mana?
- Cloudshift to bounce the card out and back in again at instant speed!

Fiend Hunter Combo
- Fiend Hunter
- Cloudshift
A trixy combo exists here, in that the Fiend Hunters enter the battlefield and exile an opponents creature card goes onto the stack. In response to that ETB effect, you can use Cloudshift to exile out then bring back in the Fiend Hunter again! Cloudshift resolves and the Fiend Hunter leaves the battlefield then re-enters. His original ETB is still on the stack. The new Fiend hunter re-enters and another ETB effect goes onto the stack. This leaves you with 2 ETB triggers that will exile 2 of your opponents creatures. 1 is a temporary exile until the Fiend Hunter leaves the battlefield - the other is a permanent exile!

How to Play

Turn 1
- Avacyn's Pilgrim.

Turn 2
- Blade Splicer creating a 3/3 golem with First Strike.

Turn 3:
- Roaring Primadox

Turn 4:
- Bounce Blade Splicer using Roaring Primadox and then recast him creating another 3/3 golem!
- Elvish Mystic

Turn 5:
- Bounce Elvish Mystic using Roaring Primadox
- Geist Honored Monk creating 2 x 1/1 fliers

Turn 6:
- Bounce Blade Splicer using Roaring Primadox then recast him creating another 3/3 golem!
- Geist Honored Monk is now a 10/10

Turn 7:
- Play a Stone-Horn Dignitary and lock your opponent out of combat
- etc etc

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Deck discussion for Roaring Primadox

Ah, as if I was teleported back to 2012. Lovely memories.
+1 like!

Posted 21 September 2021 at 18:02


True story - I'm "documenting" all my "locked standard" decks onto MTG Vault. After rotation, I try not to tweak the decks any more and keep them in a locked state.

I remember the headache that Thragtusk used to cause a few years back and how many people were happy to see the back of him post rotation.

2012 - happy days ;)

Posted 22 September 2021 at 09:25