Budget Dimir Mill Cipher

by Tobocalypse on 21 July 2021

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Deck discussion for Budget Dimir Mill Cipher

The cypher cards will work best on creatures that can attack and deal damage.
Gomazoa and ruin crab fits badly for that.
There is relic golem and overwhelmed apprentice that might be used instead.

You also need that the creatures connect with an opponent, and I believe writ of passage will be a card you could use, if you can track it down and buy it :)

I like the overall idea.

Posted 21 July 2021 at 22:25


Key phrase:boca

Posted 22 July 2021 at 10:40


Thanks for the suggestion! My idea was to use Gomazoa and Hands of Binding to try to keep their creatures off the board or tapped, and swing through with my Consuming Aberration and Vantress Gargoyle with cipher codes encoded on them, and use the Ruin Crabs for some early game mill. But I haven't had a chance to playtest it yet so I'm not sure how well that'll actually play out. Writ of Passage (or maybe Aqueous Form?) look like they might help pull that off even better.

Also, what is boca?

Posted Thursday at 12:26


Writ of Passage must not be cast, because then it can be countered.
Boca is a cypher as well, if used by someone in the know, it's a powerfull tool to identify friend from foe.
It might mean mouth in Spanish, as in la boca, though it might actually be spelled la bocca.

Posted Thursday at 14:30