Artifact Themed Horde Deck

by TrolledHarder on 16 August 2018

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Deck Description

Tokens for deck
10x Golem Colorless Artifact Creature - Golem 9/9
5x Construct Colorless Artifact Creature - Construct 6/12 Trample
10x Wurm Colorless Artifact Creature - Wurm 3/3 Deathtouch
10x Wurm Colorless Artifact Creature - Wurm 3/3 Lifelink
5x Spawn Colorless Artifact Creature - Spawn 2/2
10x Servo Colorless Artifact Creature - Servo 1/1

How to Play

This deck is designed for 3 Players vs. The Hoard

Win conditions
- The Horde wins if The Survivors' group life total is reduced to zero or below.
- The Survivors win if The Horde has no cards in its library, no cards in its hand, and no creatures on the battlefield.

General Rules
-Dead Cards are a free cycle.
-Infinite Combos go off once and then terminate.

Rules for The Horde
- The Horde has no player, it pilots itself.
- Any choice The Horde must make should be made as randomly as possible.
- The Horde has an infinite amount of mana at all times.
- The Horde's turn starts by revealing cards from the top of its library until a non-token card is revealed. All revealed tokens are then cast. The revealed non-token is cast. Then, if applicable, The Horde casts any cards that can be cast from its graveyard as well as any cards it has in its hand.
- All creatures controlled by The Horde have Haste and "This creature must attack each turn if able."
- The Horde has no life total. Damage dealt to The Horde causes that many cards from the top of The Horde's library to be put into its graveyard.

Rules for The Survivors
- The Survivors have three turns to set their defenses before The Horde gets its first turn. Then turns alternate like normal.
- Like in Two-Headed Giant, The Survivors are a team and all take their turn simultaneously. The Survivors attack and block as a team.
- Each Survivor contributes 20 life to the group life total.

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  • Tribal

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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