Cyclops R.K.O. punch

by Uluruecr on 25 April 2019

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Deck Description

Build up the erratic cyclops and punch them in the face with a giant gravitic punch.

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  • Not Legal in Standard
  • Legal in Modern
  • Legal in Vintage
  • Legal in Legacy

Deck discussion for Cyclops R.K.O. punch

Nivix Cyclops.

1/4 defender.
When you cast an Instant or Sorcery, it gets +3/+0 and can attack as if it didn't have defender.

A strictly better version of Piston Fist.

Posted 25 April 2019 at 15:53


Though I agree Nivix Cyclops is better than piston fist I'm trying to keep the deck in the standard format.

Posted 26 April 2019 at 00:41


Ooooh okay.

Posted 26 April 2019 at 15:57