by Von_Falcon on 14 September 2017

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Deck Description

Every card makes every other card better.

This deck can start pretty slow, but everything just gets better and better the longer the game goes. To the point where it just starts doing completely over the top, ridiculous, infinite type shit if the game has gone long enough.

How to Play

You want to get some artifact creatures onto the board as early as possible. A couple Arcbound Workers, Stingers, and maybe a Necropede in play are the best way to start the game. Anything to start amassing an army and some counters. Next your looking for Throne of Geth, Ichor Wellspring, Semblance Anvil and Arcbound Reclaimer. Together they are the core combo of what this deck hopes to accomplish. Which basically amounts to a humble one extra card, proliferating, and maybe a couple free or cheap spells hitting the table every turn.

.. Ok, real quick sidebar. I'm gonna explain the two wild cards. If you get them, Hazzah, if not well you should be just fine. First Semblance Anvil's best friend, Magus of the Future. If the top card of your library is a 1-2 CMC artifact, just put it in play. If not, cast Ichor Wellspring and continue. Hit a land? Sac Ichor Wellspring, proliferate, and continue. Hit another land? Put Ichor Wellspring on top of your library with Arcbound Reclaimer, then into play, and continue... Fun right? Not uncommon to drop half your deck when he hits the table.

Now from one of the most fun cards in the deck, to one of the least. Dross Scorpion. Dross Scorpion sucks 95% of the time. A 3/1 for 4, no counters, only interacts with Throne of Geth, and even then, only when used to sac a creature... Why even? ... Well, if, and basically only if, you have: Throne of Geth, Arcbound Reclaimer, Semblance anvil, Magus of the Future, and any one of the 1-2 CMC artifact creatures (that's right a 6 card combo). All your shit just went infinite.

Anyways, Spellskite is ultimately the best card in the deck. It single-handedly wrecks shit all the time. If you get one, play it. If it dies, get it back as quick as you can. Do it... But, that isn't to say that Necropede, Umezawa's Jitte, Perilous Myr, and Contagion Engine wont fuck some shit up as well. When you have Arcbound Reclaimer, Academy Ruins, and Buried Ruins making sure things don't stay dead, it's not long before their worth really starts to show. Also, if and when you go infinite, these are the bad boys that do the fun shit. Board wipes, infinite life, and infinite targeted burn damage, that's these guys.

And finally, Thoughtcast, Calciform Pools, and Phyrexia's Core are all pretty obvious. Tezzeret has some pretty fun shenanigans like turning all your Ichor Wellsprings into creatures just to trigger Dross Scorpion, or tutoring just to remove a roadblock in Magus of the Futures way. But for the most part, plays pretty straight forward. Either as a tutor, or for his ultimate by proliferating the turn he enters play.

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