W - 2 Powered Meekstone

by War_Profiteer on 12 August 2019

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Deck Description

Weenie beatdown with a bit of a lock down element.

How to Play

**Updated** Meekstone and Stakes only allow 2 powered creatures to untap. Blind Obedience, Whipcorder and Imposing Sov. to tap down creatures. Little removal with Swords. Draw added with Mentor, tried to keep costs low to really benefit off the draw he provides.

C&C always welcome.

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  • Vintage
  • Weenie
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  • Mono White

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Deck discussion for W - 2 Powered Meekstone

What about Blind Obedience over Imposing Sovereign? Same CMC, improved effect (includes artifacts), and can gain you life.

Here's my B/W Meekstone deck for comparison/inspiration:


Enjoy your deck!

Posted 12 August 2019 at 14:55


True! I had looked at it, but kinda leaned towards the Sov. to increase board presence/damage output. But I see what your saying. I will definitely have to pick them up and test it out. I'll keep ya posted on this one. Thanks!

Questions for ya, any ideas for a more cost effective Icy? Also, Order of the White Sheild or Savhanna Lion?

Posted 13 August 2019 at 00:19


Potential alternatives for Icy Manipulator keeping cost to play and activate in mind. Couldn't find any good creatures that have the ability with a 2 power other than Whipcorder (which you already have) but here are some interesting artifacts:

Leonin Bola - Odd substitute but it essentially gives any creature the tap a creature ability for one.

Pacification Array - Can get it out way sooner, but costs 2 to tap.

Puppet Strings - Only benefit here really is it can tap OR untap.

As for Order of the White Shield versus Savannah Lions, I would lean towards the Order for its versatility (between the two). But if you are just looking for a good aggressive white creature I think there is plenty to choose from. A quick search for power 2, white creatures, with first strike brought up some good cards that I think might be better than both those options:

Elite Inquisitor, Knight of Meadowgrain, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, and White Knight.

If you really wanted another one drop option there's some stuff I think that could be better than the Lions, though:

Dauntless Bodyguard, Kytheon, Hero of Akros, Skymarcher Aspirant, or War Falcon.

Posted 13 August 2019 at 14:35


Funny, I was actually looking at most of these earier (except the artifacts and Thalia). I guess I'm looking to lower the average cost in the deck to open up mana for the Mentor, which seems to be a a big draw engine for the deck. But looking at yours it gave me a few ideas, I'll update this in the next day or two (gonna keep the versatility in mind here). Off to my LGS. :)

Posted 13 August 2019 at 16:40


Maybe 1-3 [[Kinjalli's Sunwing]] instead of Imposing Sovereign. Harder to remove, helps against flying and does the same as the Sovereign for only 1 mana more. [[Apostle's Blessing]] could also be of interest as you can protect you creatures and your artifacts with this.

Posted 24 August 2019 at 07:56