Dark-Dwellers Stone Rain

by WillGean6 on 04 January 2017

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Deck Description

I just wanted to blow-up those pretty lands

How to Play

Turn 1 - either a mana dork or Ideally a Utopia Sprawl.

Turn 2- this is were the deck really should start to sizzle in your favor. with a mana dork and a land from turn one, or a land that now produces 2 mana; play your land for turn and start popping lands!

Turn 3- rinse and repeat. keep destroying lands until they quit or you crush them with a Titan.

Always remember that when you Utopia Sprawl a Shockland, you can untap that land with Arbor Elf. :)

Fairly simple premise. if you go up against swarm or things with one or two key creatures; there's some burn in the sideboard.

Have an explosive time :)

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  • Land Destruction
  • Ramp
  • Modern
  • Competitive
  • Gruul

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  • Not Legal in Standard
  • Legal in Modern
  • Legal in Vintage
  • Legal in Legacy

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