5. Kitchen: G-Devotion Stompy

by WimC on 29 March 2018

Mana Curve

Mana Symbol Occurrence

Type breakdown

Avatar of the Resolute4x Avatar of the ResoluteCreature — Avatar$0.00$0.00$0.00
Garruk's Companion2x Garruk's CompanionCreature — Beast$0.10$0.38$3.00
Leatherback Baloth3x Leatherback BalothCreature — Beast$0.48$1.50$11.52
Primalcrux3x PrimalcruxCreature — Elemental$13.47$17.04$38.97
Regal Force1x Regal ForceCreature — Elemental$1.40$1.89$7.83
Elvish Mystic3x Elvish MysticCreature — Elf Druid$0.24$1.17$7.50
Llanowar Elves3x Llanowar ElvesCreature — Elf Druid$0.15$0.72$7.50
Steel Leaf Champion4x Steel Leaf ChampionCreature — Elf Knight$4.00$11.24$39.96
Experiment One3x Experiment OneCreature — Human Ooze$0.72$3.00$12.00
Khalni Hydra2x Khalni HydraCreature — Hydra$22.98$24.98$33.98
Predator Ooze3x Predator OozeCreature — Ooze$3.00$5.76$18.87
Strangleroot Geist3x Strangleroot GeistCreature — Spirit$0.30$1.14$15.00
Aspect of Hydra2x Aspect of HydraInstant$0.00$0.00$0.00
Ghalta, Primal Hunger2x Ghalta, Primal HungerLegendary Creature - Elder Dinosaur$0.00$0.00$0.00
Garruk, Primal Hunter1x Garruk, Primal HunterPlaneswalker — Garruk$1.29$3.19$12.99
Doubling Chant1x Doubling ChantSorcery$0.15$0.45$4.99
Forest20x ForestBasic Land - Forest$2.00$7.60$34.00