Illegal Milling

by WZL3 on 25 March 2020

Mana Curve

Mana Symbol Occurrence

Type breakdown

Keening Stone1x Keening StoneArtifact$2.00$2.84$5.00
Sands of Delirium1x Sands of DeliriumArtifact$0.41$0.90$4.99
Relic Golem2x Relic GolemArtifact Creature — Golem$0.04$0.50$10.00
Jace's Phantasm2x Jace's PhantasmCreature - Illusion$0.16$0.68$9.98
Wight of Precinct Six2x Wight of Precinct SixCreature - Zombie$0.02$0.50$9.98
Hedron Crab2x Hedron CrabCreature — Crab$4.98$10.66$19.00
Ruin Crab1x Ruin CrabCreature — Crab$0.22$1.18$3.51
Riddlekeeper2x RiddlekeeperCreature — Homunculus$3.20$4.98$9.48
Consuming Aberration1x Consuming AberrationCreature — Horror$1.43$2.25$8.88
Nemesis of Reason1x Nemesis of ReasonCreature — Leviathan Horror$1.87$4.43$9.99
Psychic Corrosion2x Psychic CorrosionEnchantment$2.00$7.40$14.14
Fraying Sanity2x Fraying SanityEnchantment - Aura Curse$6.94$12.28$20.98
Jace, Memory Adept1x Jace, Memory AdeptPlaneswalker — Jace$3.67$5.65$13.81
Glimpse the Unthinkable3x Glimpse the UnthinkableSorcery$23.25$30.75$51.06
Increasing Confusion2x Increasing ConfusionSorcery$0.94$2.60$10.00
Mind Funeral3x Mind FuneralSorcery$4.35$7.59$17.97
Mind Grind2x Mind GrindSorcery$5.50$8.00$37.96
Mind Sculpt2x Mind SculptSorcery$0.20$0.50$5.38
Psychic Drain2x Psychic DrainSorcery$0.46$1.02$5.74
Tome Scour2x Tome ScourSorcery$0.08$0.50$5.30
Traumatize2x TraumatizeSorcery$2.98$5.22$17.00
Island12x IslandBasic Land — Island$1.20$11.88$11,999.88
Snow-Covered Swamp8x Snow-Covered SwampBasic Snow Land — Swamp$4.24$7.60$39.92
Dismal Backwater1x Dismal BackwaterLand$0.01$0.17$2.60
Dimir Guildgate1x Dimir GuildgateLand — Gate$0.00$0.00$0.00