[EDH] Turn 3 Win

by batman69 on 27 April 2012

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I found this deck online, and just wanted to put it up on my profile for future references. but please please take a look and critique it for me :)

In case you don't know, the combo works like this (ideally):
t1: land
t2: land, hermit druid
t3: activate druid (deck whole library), narcomoeba comes back, play land, landfall trigger - bloodghast comes back, sac all three (via dread return) to recur necrotic ooze. Give Ooze haste (with thornling or skitheryx), get ooze infintely big with devoted druid + quillspike, and kill everyone and everything with Prodigal Sorcerer + devoted druid!

Cephalid Illusionist + Lightning Greaves - can deck you too!

Riftsweeper + Krosan Reclamation - can get discarded cards back and keep you from decking

As a plan B, we can get phyrexian dreadnought + skytheryx, the blight dragon in our graveyard, play our general, give him haste, and attack with our regenerating 16/16 flying, infect dragon ooze. (dreadnought was chosen because he's easy inexpensive (for dark confident / tutelage, and easy to get in the graveyard when in your hand).

The rest of the deck is draw + tutor + disruption.

Also please take a look at a couple of decks for me:

Merieke EDH:
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Pro-Bant Legacy:
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Deck discussion for [EDH] Turn 3 Win

it takes alot less to win than what you have in there...your hermit druid combo is your main win condition, and i recommend running 5 color, make the land base W/G/B and focus on search. the thing to think about is one tormod's crypt and you get slaughtered, and once people see hermit druid, see you search for hermit druid, or suspect you run hermit druid, they WILL get tormod's crypt, overall it doesn't really turn into a fun game, my friend ran it for a while and he beat me a few times, it came down to him tutoring for druid before i tutored for tormod's, same deal with all your other combo's, best standalone i see in there is skythrix, all in all you don't have any counter control even though you run blue, one counterspell and your done with. also, 5 color with W gets you sun titan, which is combo grabber on a stick, and tooth and nail is always fun...

Posted 29 April 2012 at 06:34


thhanx for the advice budd

Posted 29 April 2012 at 06:52