Breeding Pool

Land — Forest Island

Card Information

Land — Forest Island

Card Rules

({T}: Add {G} or {U} to your mana pool.) As Breeding Pool enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don't, Breeding Pool enters the battlefield tapped.

Flavor Text

Uncharted depths. Unbounded hopes. Unfathomable mysteries.



  • Legal in Extended
  • Legal in Modern
  • Legal in Vintage
  • Legal in Legacy

Breeding Pool TCG Player Card Prices

GameHavenSTLLightly Played1$9.13Add To Cart
Sage ProductionsLightly Played2$10.74Add To Cart
Prestige GamesLightly Played2$10.74Add To Cart
TerraCrux GamesLightly Played1$10.77Add To Cart
Athoria GamesLightly Played1$10.85Add To Cart
The Card DumpLightly Played2$11.00Add To Cart
Uncanny CollectablesNear Mint2$11.00Add To Cart
Critical Hit FLNear Mint1$11.25Add To Cart

Breeding Pool Ebay Card Prices

DescriptionTime LeftPriceBidsBuy
1x BREEDING POOL Expedition FOIL mint MTG 13h14m$85.00 0 bidsBid Now
Breeding Pool Expedition - NM 14h4m$50.00 10 bidsBid Now
MTG Magic the Gathering Breeding Pool Foil x1 15h49m$19.95 0 bidsBid Now
MTG Magic - 4x FOIL Breeding Pool - Gate Cras 19h31m$63.00 5 bidsBid Now
Breeding Pool Gatecrash TCG Land Rare Magic t 21h33m$9.99 0 bidsBid Now
Breeding Pool - Mint - Gatecrash 1d 12h 7m$11.00 3 bidsBid Now
4 Breeding Pool - Land Gatecrash Mtg Magic Ra 1d 14h 37m$8.00 1 bidsBid Now
Dissension Breeding Pool x1 Light Play, Engli 1d 20h 24m$19.79 0 bidsBid Now
Breeding Pool x4 (1 NM Near Mint, 3 MP Modera 1d 20h 28m$6.50 0 bidsBid Now
Breeding Pool - Foil NM-Mint, English Battle 1d 21h 27m$72.99 0 bidsBid Now
Breeding Pool x3 2d 14h 5m$18.00 0 bidsBid Now
Breeding Pool from Gatecrash Foil X4 Near Mi 2d 17h 56m$96.99 0 bidsBid Now
4 Breeding Pool - Land Gatecrash Mtg Magic Ra 2d 19h 15m$8.00 0 bidsBid Now
Mtg 1x Breeding pool Dissenssion NM Land 2d 20h 12m$21.95 0 bidsBid Now
MTG magic *BREEDING POOL* Dissension Dual Lan 2d 22h 35m$15.35 0 bidsBid Now

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