Divine Favor

Enchantment — Aura {1}{W}

Card Information

Enchantment — Aura {1}{W}

Card Rules

Enchant creature
When Divine Favor enters the battlefield, you gain 3 life.
Enchanted creature gets +1/+3.

Flavor Text

With an armory of light, even the squire may champion her people.



  • Legal in Extended
  • Legal in Modern
  • Legal in Vintage
  • Legal in Legacy

Divine Favor TCG Player Card Prices

Thirty First GamesNear Mint7$0.03Add To Cart
Yiz GamesNear Mint10$0.04Add To Cart
Spectral Fox GamingNear Mint3$0.04Add To Cart
IDeal808Near Mint54$0.04Add To Cart
OldSchoolGamingNear Mint20$0.04Add To Cart
adventuresONNear Mint15$0.04Add To Cart
Immortals IncNear Mint8$0.04Add To Cart
Storm Surge GamesNear Mint2$0.04Add To Cart

Divine Favor Ebay Card Prices

DescriptionTime LeftPriceBidsBuy
4 x Divine Favor - Magic 2014 - NM-Mint, Engl 5h29m$1.00 Active bidsBid Now
MTG M13 x 20 Divine Favor Mint Magic 2013 1d 14h 50m$1.15 Active bidsBid Now
Divine Favor 4X NM-Mint, English Magic The Ga 1d 18h 46m$0.99 Active bidsBid Now
FOIL DIVINE FAVOR X4 2014 Core Set M14 Magic 2d 18h 57m$1.59 Active bidsBid Now
Divine Favor M12 Mtg x4 4x 2012 Magic 4 Mint 2d 7h 54m$0.99 Active bidsBid Now
MTG core set M12 4x 4 x Divine Favor x4 MINT 2d 10h 53m$0.99 Active bidsBid Now
MTG: M2015: Foil: Divine Favor 2d 13h 31m$0.99 Active bidsBid Now
1x FOIL Divine Favor M13 MtG Magic White Comm 2d 17h 13m$1.95 Active bidsBid Now
9x Divine Favor new Magic 2014 M14 MTG 3d 10h 45m$3.13 Active bidsBid Now
Divine Favor M14 Mtg x4 4x M2014 Magic 4 Min 3d 10h 51m$1.19 Active bidsBid Now
MTG: M2013: Divine Favor **Foil** (Japanese L 4d 11h 26m$0.99 Active bidsBid Now
4x Divine Favor M15 NM-Ex+ x4 Mtg Magic the G 4d 11h 41m$0.99 Active bidsBid Now
FOIL DIVINE FAVOR X4 2015 Core Set M15 Magic 5d 1h 37m$1.59 Active bidsBid Now
9x Divine Favor new Magic 2015 M15 MTG 5d 4h 41m$3.13 Active bidsBid Now
[MTG] Magic 2014 x 4 Divine Favor (C) NM-Mint 5d 14h 50m$0.99 Active bidsBid Now

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