Summon Mercenaries 3/3, {3}{W}

Card Information

Summon Mercenaries 3/3, {3}{W}

Card Rules

Whenever Mercenaries damages a player, that player may pay {3} to prevent that damage.

Flavor Text

"Blasted amateurs! Doesn't the queen think we can fight well enough on our own?" —Avram Garrisson, Leader of the Knights of Stromgald



  • Legal in Vintage
  • Legal in Legacy

Mercenaries TCG Player Card Prices

White Lion GamesLightly Played4$0.13Add To Cart
Beloit GamesLightly Played1$0.15Add To Cart
Fred DannheimLightly Played4$0.15Add To Cart
MTG RaresLightly Played3$0.15Add To Cart
Static Age GamesLightly Played1$0.16Add To Cart
The Game HubLightly Played1$0.16Add To Cart
Alpha Strike GameLightly Played1$0.16Add To Cart
Dogs of War GamingLightly Played1$0.16Add To Cart

Mercenaries Ebay Card Prices

DescriptionTime LeftPriceBidsBuy
5x Mercenaries NM MTG Ice Age IA Magic Gather 2d 18h 15m$3.30 Active bidsBid Now
1995 Magic: The Gathering - Ice Age Booster P 3d 3h 22m$2.49 Active bidsBid Now
Mercenaries - Ice Age - Magic the Gathering - 3d 11h 42m$1.99 Active bidsBid Now
14 Battletech Empty booster and display boxes 5d 6h 45m$130.99 Active bidsBid Now
Magic MTG Nemesis Mercenaries preconstructed 7d 18h 39m$20.00 Active bidsBid Now
Magic The Gathering MTG Mercenaries Ice Age 8d 4h 11m$2.95 Active bidsBid Now
MTG Mercenaries x4 Ice Age ENGLISH LP Rare Wh 8d 15h 40m$1.95 Active bidsBid Now
Mercenaries NM MTG Ice Age 10d 15h 4m$1.00 Active bidsBid Now
MTG Nemesis MERCENARIES Deck--Factory Sealed 13d 2h 28m$18.99 Active bidsBid Now
4 Mercenaries = Ice Age Mtg Magic White Rare 14d 19h 13m$0.99 Active bidsBid Now
4x Mercenaries NM-Mint, English Ice Age MTG M 16d 8h 56m$2.40 Active bidsBid Now
1x Mercenaries Ice Age NM x1 Mtg Magic the Ga 16d 15h 48m$1.40 Active bidsBid Now
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MTG 4x Mercenaries NM-Mint Ice Age English 18d 10h 41m$2.00 Active bidsBid Now
x1 MTG Theme deck NM Factory sealed You pick 20d 4h 32m$20.99 Active bidsBid Now

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