Political Trickery

Sorcery {2}{U}

Card Information

Sorcery {2}{U}

Card Rules

Choose target land you control and target land an opponent controls. Exchange control of those lands.

Flavor Text

"Politics is a game-move a stone here, move a stone there-except sometimes the stones bleed." —Shauku, Endbringer



  • Legal in Vintage
  • Legal in Legacy

Political Trickery TCG Player Card Prices

ToymoNear Mint1$0.99Add To Cart
Top Deck GamersNear Mint1$1.02Add To Cart
Big Daddy Games LLCLightly Played1$1.09Add To Cart
GatorsLightly Played1$1.15Add To Cart
Game CafeNear Mint1$1.18Add To Cart
Moz MagicNear Mint3$1.18Add To Cart
A+ ComicsLightly Played3$1.24Add To Cart
Mythic Realm GamesNear Mint3$1.24Add To Cart

Political Trickery Ebay Card Prices

DescriptionTime LeftPriceBidsBuy
magic the gathering political trickery 1d 2h 47m$0.99 0 bidsBid Now
1 PLAYED Political Trickery - Mirage Mtg Magi 2d 6h 57m$1.23 0 bidsBid Now
Political Trickery NM Mirage MTG Magic The Ga 6d 19h 4m$3.25 0 bidsBid Now
MTG Political Trickery x1 Mirage ENGLISH MP R 8d 12h 50m$1.99 0 bidsBid Now
Magic The Gathering MTG Political Trickery Mi 9d 17h 3m$3.95 0 bidsBid Now
2x Political Trickery NM MTG Mirage Magic 10d 3h 50m$3.88 0 bidsBid Now
( POLITICAL TRICKERY ) - Mirage - Rare - Magi 10d 9h 56m$1.99 0 bidsBid Now
1 Political Trickery = Blue Mirage Mtg Magic 12d 8h 46m$1.98 0 bidsBid Now
4 Political Trickery = Blue Mirage Mtg Magic 14d 18h 9m$7.92 0 bidsBid Now
1x Political Trickery Mirage MtG Magic Blue R 19d 11h 16m$1.95 0 bidsBid Now
Political Trickery X 1 Mirage UNPLAYED 23d 6h 16m$2.79 0 bidsBid Now
1x Political Trickery MTG Regular NM, English 24d 8h 56m$1.18 0 bidsBid Now
Political Trickery MTG Mirage Rare EDH Blue 26d 7h 20m$0.99 0 bidsBid Now
1996 Magic: The Gathering - Mirage Booster Pa 26d 21h 28m$1.00 0 bidsBid Now
Political Trickery (Mirage) NM, Japanese x 1 29d 7h 46m$4.00 0 bidsBid Now

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