Trygon Predator

Creature — Beast 2/3, {1}{G}{U}

Card Information

Creature — Beast 2/3, {1}{G}{U}

Card Rules

Flying Whenever Trygon Predator deals combat damage to a player, you may destroy target artifact or enchantment that player controls.

Flavor Text

Held aloft by metabolized magic, trygons are ravenous for sources of mystic fuel.



  • Legal in Modern
  • Legal in Vintage
  • Legal in Legacy

Trygon Predator TCG Player Card Prices

Prestige GamesLightly Played1$0.24Add To Cart
Mythic GamesLightly Played2$0.25Add To Cart
HankGoyfLightly Played1$0.25Add To Cart
Dragons Lair CardsLightly Played1$0.25Add To Cart
Card Monster GamesLightly Played7$0.25Add To Cart
Tales of AdventureLightly Played13$0.25Add To Cart
MTG DealsLightly Played1$0.26Add To Cart
OMGCardShopLightly Played2$0.27Add To Cart

Trygon Predator Ebay Card Prices

DescriptionTime LeftPriceBidsBuy
MTG Trygon Predator x 1 EX/NM Modern Masters 4h53m$2.49 0 bidsBid Now
MTG Japanese Foil Trygon Predator Eternal Mas 13h21m$7.99 0 bidsBid Now
WOTC MtG Modern Masters 2013 Trygon Predator 15h26m$5.00 0 bidsBid Now
4x MTG Dissension Trygon Predator 21h21m$2.48 0 bidsBid Now
Trygon Predator FOIL Japanese x1 Dissension m 1d 3h 59m$45.99 0 bidsBid Now
1x Trygon Predator Light Play, English Dissen 1d 17h 53m$1.44 0 bidsBid Now
MTG 1x Trygon Predator - Foil NM-Mint Eterna 2d 17h 45m$1.52 0 bidsBid Now
1 FOIL Trygon Predator - Gold Modern Masters 2d 5h 54m$2.98 0 bidsBid Now
Trygon Predator FOIL Japanese Asian MTG Disse 2d 8h 46m$44.90 0 bidsBid Now
7x Trygon Predator Near Mint Commander 2015 M 2d 17h 17m$3.33 0 bidsBid Now
MTG Eternal Masters Trygon Predator Uncommon 2d 17h 50m$2.16 0 bidsBid Now
1x Trygon Predator - Foil NM-Mint, English Mo 2d 20h 55m$3.49 0 bidsBid Now
Trygon Predator x4 Magic the Gathering 4x Ete 3d 4h 4m$2.95 0 bidsBid Now
Magic MTG Eternal Masters 2015: 4x x4 Trygon 3d 23h 59m$2.95 0 bidsBid Now
4 Trygon Predator - Dissension NM NEAR MINT M 4d 23h 30m$1.49 0 bidsBid Now

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