Wash Out

Sorcery {3}{U}

Card Information

Sorcery {3}{U}

Card Rules

Return all permanents of the color of your choice to their owners' hands.

Flavor Text

"Rest now. You've neither won nor lost, but this battle is over for you just the same." —Teferi



  • Legal in Vintage
  • Legal in Legacy

Wash Out TCG Player Card Prices

Bingos MTGLightly Played4$0.24Add To Cart
GeekadromeLightly Played1$0.30Add To Cart
ArtifexNear Mint7$0.45Add To Cart
ISD GamingLightly Played5$0.48Add To Cart
Prestige GamesLightly Played7$0.49Add To Cart
GameStarLightly Played1$0.49Add To Cart
MTG DealsLightly Played1$0.50Add To Cart
BaseFiftyOneLightly Played8$0.53Add To Cart

Wash Out Ebay Card Prices

DescriptionTime LeftPriceBidsBuy
1x Wash Out Invasion MTG 12h51m$1.29 Active bidsBid Now
MTG 4X JAPANESE INVASION WASH OUT NM/M 20h35m$3.99 Active bidsBid Now
Wash Out - IDW Comic Promo NM MTG Promo Magic 1d 7h 26m$5.32 Active bidsBid Now
2x Wash Out (LP) - Invasion - mtg - FAST SHIP 1d 7h 39m$1.95 Active bidsBid Now
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Wash Out - IDW Promo 1x NM-Mint, English Book 4d 13h 24m$4.62 Active bidsBid Now
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Magic MTG Premium: Wash Out P15 IDW 6d 6h 15m$4.68 Active bidsBid Now
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wash out mtg invasion 1x MP 13d 9h 6m$1.00 Active bidsBid Now

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