I FartInYourGeneralDirection

by Deathtone on 03 February 2012

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Deck Description

Okay so I made a few changes to this deck. After noticing that I died alot I decided I need to make my defences better. Fiigured I would try something new so I went
With my own wall deck.

How to Play

Use Followed Footsteps + any of the creatures to Provide defence, attack, or mana.

Liquid metalcoating+ Splinter, or Naturalise to Remove or destroy your opponets shit.

Phychous Crawler + Mind Spring and maybe Followed Footsteps to do lots of life loss.

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  • Land Destruction
  • Wall
  • Army
  • creature production
  • Combo
  • Draw
  • Green
  • Blue

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Deck discussion for I FartInYourGeneralDirection

I feel you need more mana ramp in here. Also Blue Sun's Zenith may be better than Mind Spring as it can be turned on an opponent to "mill" them and it puts itself back into your library.

Posted 03 February 2012 at 09:27


I think I will do Blue Sun's Zenith I think. I just used Mind Springs since I had a play set in hand already. I thought it might need more ramp to increase the speed of the combo's but I wanted to play test it first. over all do you think its a interesting idea?

Posted 03 February 2012 at 19:14