Norin the cheap coward

by FrankieDF on 27 January 2012

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Deck Description

I like the idea of the Norin edh deck, but it carries a sickening price tag, so I am trying to build one that costs far less but still would be fun to field.

You have the Norin shenanigans with Confusion in the Ranks, Pyrohemia, and Pandemonium, a lot of token generation with goblins and elementals, and then coin flipping.
You know, because.

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Deck discussion for Norin the cheap coward

I would switch in Krenko, Mob Boss as the commander. This is mostly a goblin deck anyway and the ability to double the amount of goblins you have in play every turn is really powerful, especially when used with Confusion in the ranks, pandemonium and warstorm surge (along with other things that I'm sure you could find. Cheers to an interesting deck.

Posted 20 September 2012 at 23:06


Norin makes the deck a good bit more low key, and makes it possible for the deck to surprise people when it suddenly goes off. Krenko would make a lot of the intention clear and give people a solid reason to go after me when he hits the field. The deck can't really stand up to too much direct assault or hate, so I need to avoid this as much as possible.

It's also been updated quite a bit more since I posted this list. I'll try and update it to include the changes. There is now a Krenko in there.

Posted 08 October 2012 at 04:40