Galvanoth Blast

by Phiphler on 17 January 2011

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Deck Description

Blast people with Galvanoth!

Searchers thin the deck, Burning Iniquiry feeds Praetor's Councel and triggers Runeflare trap. Kazuul is complete lockdown agaist decks without big enough hitters, and Fireheart puts your enemy on a countdown to death.

Emissary is far superior to Sylvan Ranger due to putting the land on the field and having 2 power. I don't run Harrow cause I hate it getting counterspelled.

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  • Burn

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Deck discussion for Galvanoth Blast

only thing I can say about this deck is I don't think your maxing out your calvanoth. Valakut with some cultivate and harrows in here should be really good cause you can play them for free without paying the cost and eban out taget in the face with alot cause you have the free cost then you can play another one and profit ftw. get rid of teh wilds and explanses for arid mesas and catacombs instead since these allow you to play them untapped thus not slowing you down. also if for some odd reason you don't draw the galvanoth or it is in the graveyard the ramp helps you get counsel back. also with all the lands hitting i would do searing over outrage. Just seems better cause its more damage to your target and a creature at the same time. landfall is easy for this deck. also slyvan ranger over emissary. you don't ahve to wait for it to die to get you a land card to ramp up and get landfall and/or make your valucut hit hard

Posted 05 February 2011 at 11:36


Decided against Valakut since it's a R/G deck, if I was running mono-red I would have used it. Harrow might be usable over spellbomb, only reason Im using spellbomb is because it cantrips really.
Searing really seems good, Outrage is mainly there because the deck can support it with it's mana and freecast, but yeah more damage to the player is just better.
Sylvan Ranger vs. Emissary is a tough one. I decided to use emissary since it's good for mindgames (do I block and kill it or let it hit me for 2?). It's gonna die the moment I pyroclasm anyway, but I can probably try switching it our and see what happens.

Posted 05 February 2011 at 11:48