B/G Zombies (standard)

by Snakerunners on 07 October 2012

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Deck Description

Standard golgari zombies.

Main play is to get out "Lotleth" and then discard slitherhead's and gravecrawler's to it mostly, or later a dreg mangler or diregraf ghoul with a Corpsejack Menace out, use scavenge to boast the Lotleth and trample over for the win. Vile Rebirth is for grave control, or a new life added to a ghoul that gets discarded. Cremate for grave control and some card draw.

Jarad is currently an add on from my original plan but I want to give him a few trial runs before I decide if he should stay or not based on how well he acts as a back up finisher to Lotleth.

Ranger's Guile, new consideration to the deck, based on the danger of charms the hexproof primarily could prove to be exactly what I need to slip out the win.

Sideboard: under construction until further notice!

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Deck discussion for B/G Zombies (standard)

Cremate and vile rebirth main decked?
Also you may be hurt by selnysa charm so if your playing green white I'd keep lotleth troll a 4/3 till kill time
Some kind of sweeper would help here mutilate would work but you can't regenerate then (because the creature toughness is less then 0 post regen) also this deck looks weak with lotleth troll as you jut have some small beaters and jarad which is just a decent sized non trampling neater with a sc option
This is my jund deck it's mostly black green though

Posted 07 October 2012 at 04:31


Yeah, I'm reconsidering the cremate and vile rebirth. Also a major thank you for pointing out the selesyna charm, that isn't something I had noticed and considered yet. I'm going to consider putting in thundermaw or thragtusk as both seem to be really good power play finishers.

Posted 07 October 2012 at 07:37


First off your sideboard needs work. Your siding in b/r lands just to play 3 kill cards and what amounts to surgical extraction for 2-B/R isn't worth it imo. B & G have plenty of kill cards that work just fine, I know murder isn't that great but ultimate price abrupt decay and tragic slip will and do just fine. Cremate and Vile Rebirth are not very good in this build either. For card draw I would recomend Sign in blood or Disciple of Bolas. I've play tested both and SIB is awesome late game. As for creatures, Slitherhead isn't as good as you may think, your basically just using him to pump lotleth up, granted you end up getting +2+2 for 0. Another one drop to think about is Rakdos Cackler, hes basically a 2/2 for 1 B. Jarad is awesome in this deck, He synergises very well with lotleth and G-mess. I would honostly pull Corpse Jack because by the time you get to pull him and eventually discard a creature ( if you even have any in hand) you should have got your opponent down to and more manageable life total where you could just sac lotleth to Jarad for the win. Otherwise Great deck, +1 from me.

Posted 07 October 2012 at 04:46


I actually forgot about tragic slip. So thats a great help there. Also sign in blood i like but i do like the dual nature of cremate the graveyard control and instant however the 2 card draw would be nice. Ill consider sib. I like corpsejack because it can make more of a small creature mid to late game. However im thinking about thragtusk or thundermaw and main board b/r dual land and dreadbore.

Posted 07 October 2012 at 05:39


Rancor? Giant growth? tragic slip? Undying evil?

Posted 07 October 2012 at 06:13


Prefer to avoid rancor, just not my style, giant growth I mentioned I was considering. Tragic slip I had forgotten about planning on editting this deck based on suggestions and such made. Undying evil... really don't know about that one.

Posted 07 October 2012 at 07:38