Modern Zoo/Stompy

by SpippyTheInsane on 29 August 2011

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I don't fully understand the difference between these 2 decktypes so yeah...

Anyways, thanks again Seth for the idea and direction on this one :)

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Deck discussion for Modern Zoo/Stompy

Birds of Paradise and Silence don't really fit with Zoo, and I'm not much of a fan of Steppe Lynx but some people swear by it. You're building around Lynx too much, though. I'd drop the Harrow and Expeditions for some other spells, and the BoP for at least 3 Knight of the Reliquary. KotR has self pump, fixes land, and triggers landfall for the Lynx. Silence is an interesting twist, though.

You also absolutely need to be running Arid Mesa to work Zoo. Fetch a Mountain or Plains card allows you to grab Sacred Foundry, Temple Garden, or Stomping Ground. Terramorphic only allows you to fetch Plains, Mountains and Forests.

A few other staples you might want to consider are Lightning Helix, Infiltration Lens (the I-wish-I-was-a-Skullclamp-but-then-I'd-be-banned card). Some Zoo players also combo KotR to fetch Grove of the Burnwillows to combo with Punishing Fire and Kavu Predator. Other players also swear by Bloodbraid Elf, as you'll virtually always cascade into something useful.

Posted 30 August 2011 at 18:32


First of all, thank you so much; This is exactly the kind of help I'm looking for.

Regarding BoP and KotR, originally I was going to slot in KotR, but for some reason it slipped my mind that Arid Mesa can fetch the dual-lands (I was really tired) so I didn't actually slot in either and instead slotted in BoP because I didn't like the way the land-base was playing. Now that you have corrected my mistake with excluding Arid Mesa, KotR definitely takes the place of BoP. Thank you.

Regarding Infiltration Lens: Thank you thank you thank you. When I came close to finishing this deck, I began to worry about running out of cards too quickly and went searching for a cheap draw-engine. For some reason or another, I completely overlooked this gem and instead slotted Glimpse of Nature. That error has now been fixed.

Regarding the Grove + Fire + Kavu combo (that I've actually never seen before and really like now): I really like the combo, but I'm not sure how much I like it in here since it diffuses from the versatility of the creatures in here. (Too many slots for a single combo in my opinion).

Bloodbraid I'd never really even thought about, but it makes perfect sense now so thanks.

As for the Silence, I knew when I put it in there that 99% of Zoos dont include it, but I actually dont understand why not. Image a turn 1 drop of a Temple Garden and a Wild Nacatl. Turn 2 drop a Stomping Ground and a Kird Ape and swing with the Wild Nacatl, hopefully knocking out whatever tiny 1drop your opponent played. Now Silence your opponent during their upkeep. They can't play creatures that turn, leaving your 3/3 and 2/3 with an open field to swing and you with 3 mana to Giant Growth them or save those for later to continuously keep your oppoents field down. I know it seems like a weird card for Zoo, but if it keeps your opponents board down early, theyre going to have a hard time keeping up the rest of the game as you smash their face in.

Thanks again btw :)

Posted 31 August 2011 at 00:17


Glad I could help! I know full well the power of Silence :) My turbo chant deck has become one of my favorite decks running at the moment. I like the choice to run it, it adds a nice twist to such a refined archetype that is almost becomes cookie cutter.

I like the way its shaped up, although I don't think you'll need 4x Lens, imo -1x for +1x Bloodbraid Elf. You've gotta play with her a little bit to realize just how powerful she is. Haste is huge in match ups, because it often denies the opponent time for creature control, and nothing is more painful than cascading into something nasty like Lightning Helix, Goyf, or another KotR ^-^

The Burnwillow combo requires quite a bit of building around, enough that I don't like running it in Zoo. I think it'd work awesomely in just WG though.

I hate shameless plugs, but would you mind checking out my latest modern WW deck? (More Modern Weenie) I just ordered the Arbiters and a few other things for a casual build, and would like a few opinions before I invest in the rest of the cards to finish off the competitive build.

No problem again btw :)

Posted 31 August 2011 at 04:57