Legacy - UR Painter

by Tal on 30 September 2012

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Deck Description

The newest evolution of my Legacy Painter deck. I've gone from mono-U to UR mostly for Goblin Welder shenanigans. There's also a tiny splash of black to support a 1 of Tezzeret as another alt win con.

Yes, shock lands should obviously be replaced with dual lands, but unfortunately I dont have any Volcanic Islands.

Potential 1st turn win is: Ancient Tomb, Painter's Servant, LED, Mox Opal, Grindstone

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Deck discussion for Legacy - UR Painter

i probably wouldnt bother with tezzeret.
whats with the one of cyclonic rift?
one thing i could see being a problem is the fact that theres nothing to ensure you resolve your combo maindeck. i like the control setup for side against such matches. but i almost feel like theres so much discard and counters in legacy not running any yourself seems like a bad idea. but at the same time adding counters main might dilute that speed your going for, so im not sure.

i dont know much about this decktype and iv never even played against this type of deck before, so im not too sure what to suggest.
looks like it has potential though

Posted 13 November 2012 at 04:01


Just to answer the first couple questions. Tezzeret could probably go in the side if I keep the Counterbalances in the side, he's mainly in because he can win the game by himself. The Cyclonic Rift looks random, but its basically to remove anything that just outright hates the combo, like Leyline of Sanctity, etc. I picked it over other options because I could easily overload it by turn 3-4 with a decent hand.

You are right about the lack of counters/discard. No matter how much I put into this, its just not a tier 1 deck by any stretch of the imagination. I am considering slipping the Counterbalances in main, I think I can do it without a noticeable decrease in speed. But theres just no good way to fit in a more traditional counter setup with FoW and Daze. Discard runs into the same problem, the list is just too tight to fit in very much disruption without making it less reliable.

Posted 16 November 2012 at 00:01