Oko's Field

by 37192 on 07 November 2019

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Deck Description

I tried to combine a Simic Control deck, Oko deck, and a Field of the Dead deck.

How to Play

Use Ooze, Field, and Oko to gain life and/or get Elks to pump Champion. If Champion dosent work, Hexdrinker might. Westvale Abbey might help Champion and/or late game.

Oracle is a worse but redundant Spiral to keep the draw/land drop train running.

If I had more money, and I knew this deck worked, I'd replace Rewind with Jace. Then again, I've been Rewound twice into a Mystic Snake before, so I might just forget Jace.

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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Deck discussion for Oko's Field

For one, by definition a aggro deck is not a control deck, and both of those are not combo decks, so learn what this means. Also how do you even get field of the dead consistently, it’s like playing a midrange deck that just happens to play some almost irrelevant colorless lands. I would recommend playing either sylvan scrying or golos or expedition map to get field, but in modern being invested in such a dinky plan might not be worth it, and you might as well cut them for the fetches that you might as well play because you’re playing modern! As it happens apostles blessing is good in exactly one format... barely and that format already plays bad cards, drumrolll.... it’s pauper! So don’t play shitty cards in modern when you can play them in another format, and similarly with woodland champion you’d just be better off playing goyf and putting hexdrinker in the deck for your one and twos. Hope I could help

Posted 07 November 2019 at 22:28


No not really. Why so hostile? Do you only play Modern? What would you replace apostles blessing with if it is so bad?

My favorite decks I play have more that one way to win, I'm not going for a glass cannon.

I prefer not to play the same handful of decks over and over and over.

Yes, control and aggro is a thing. Mystic Snake and Snapcaster are goid examples. Creatures that supply a hard removal or counter exist in mass. Green-Blue and Blue-Black are both good examples.

No, Goyf (not enough card types), Golos (No blink plan), and fetch (not needed) would not work here. Points for Expedition Map, but Sylvan Scrying is, drumroll, trash. I'd rather play horizon spellbomb and go through the work recurring it with Glissa than play that.

Woodland thrives off of Oko, Ooze, and Field.

Consistent Field with Remand (Draw), Oracle (draw/play land), Growth Sprial (draw/play land), and even (ugh I really am not too sure) Circuitous Route (TWO LANDS TO PLAY). Like I said, if I could justify Jace, it would be in the deck for this reason.

Hope this helps. Also, that was your sixty-nineth comment. Nice.

Posted 08 November 2019 at 00:53


For the apostles blessing, honestly your creatures are there for etb style effects, in this case protecting them might not be worth it as a four of (your deck your choices ;). I agree in that if you can squeeze in Jace it would be really nice. Woodland champion seems good with field, I didn’t realize this interaction beforehand. I agree in that sylvan scrying is trash, but it’s seems to that the only way to consistently hit field is oracle, so maybe try something like oracle of mul daya or a few expedition maps. Also consider playing a few one drops, hexdrinker an elf or a hierarch because they are really important in this format. Also maybe try playing fetches it will help your manabase be that little bit more consistent. So for being so hostile and rude, I was a little hotheaded from a “real world” interaction.

Posted 08 November 2019 at 18:13


Ya good. After some thought, Map is a better choice. I might cut the Circutious Route for three Turn to Pumkin beacuse it's a bounce, draw, and if you use three blue, a Food also.

Ya, the Hexdrunker might get an Elf or Ooze tossed. It's be great paired with the amount of lands that will be out.

I am kind of squeamish about five colorless lands. Yes, the last one isn't needed, but it makes for a good Elf pump and alternate win. My pet deck, a Janky-but-effective Dark Depths + Merfolk (Dark Fish) has 7 of 22 lands colorless, four of which don't produce mana. To this day I still don't like it, but Its win rate, due to a no-ban playstyle, is good. Still, your right, colorless lands hurt and I should get at least two fetches.

Posted 08 November 2019 at 22:02