Living End

by AcryiA on 11 January 2019

Mana Curve

Mana Symbol Occurrence

Type breakdown

Desert Cerodon4x Desert CerodonCreature — Beast$0.00$0.00$0.00
Archfiend of Ifnir4x Archfiend of IfnirCreature — Demon$1.00$1.96$10.00
Fulminator Mage4x Fulminator MageCreature — Elemental Shaman$27.80$51.96$176.00
Horror of the Broken Lands4x Horror of the Broken LandsCreature — Horror$0.08$0.60$10.00
Monstrous Carabid4x Monstrous CarabidCreature — Insect$0.32$1.32$7.60
Street Wraith4x Street WraithCreature — Wraith$11.92$19.80$59.96
Beast Within2x Beast WithinInstant$1.48$3.12$100.00
Violent Outburst4x Violent OutburstInstant$0.80$2.60$7.60
Nahiri, the Harbinger3x Nahiri, the HarbingerPlaneswalker — Nahiri$12.45$18.51$113.97
Anger of the Gods2x Anger of the GodsSorcery$3.90$6.98$13.24
Demonic Dread3x Demonic DreadSorcery$0.27$0.99$5.70
Living End3x Living EndSorcery$66.72$87.00$149.85
Plains1x PlainsBasic Land — Plains$0.11$0.20$1.25
Swamp1x SwampBasic Land — Swamp$0.08$0.20$1.90
Blackcleave Cliffs4x Blackcleave CliffsLand $100.00$147.16$242.00
Bloodstained Mire1x Bloodstained MireLand$22.00$32.61$50.00
Blooming Marsh2x Blooming MarshLand$7.00$9.00$22.00
Grove of the Burnwillows2x Grove of the BurnwillowsLand$29.90$41.88$100.00
Marsh Flats4x Marsh FlatsLand$148.00$171.48$228.80
Stomping Ground1x Stomping GroundLand — Mountain Forest$7.50$11.72$25.99
Sacred Foundry1x Sacred FoundryLand — Mountain Plains$6.42$8.08$15.01
Overgrown Tomb1x Overgrown TombLand — Swamp Forest$4.49$6.00$13.37
Blood Crypt1x Blood CryptLand — Swamp Mountain$7.56$10.99$20.90