Naya Zoo

by AcryiA on 11 January 2019

Main Deck (61 cards)

Sideboard (15 cards)

Instants (6)

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Deck discussion for Naya Zoo

This is very interesting. I've never seen an anti-meta build mixed into a zoo format.

I see a few conflicting themes though. Goyf doesn't have enough food. You have no sorceries, and no artifacts that are easily graved (relic exiles itself), so you are looking at a land/critter grave with an eventual instant. I would run 1 temple garden to ensure that your turn 2 nacatal is maxed out and you have all 3 bases covered. I don't like dryad arbor at all, as this deck is pretty sleek, can get by on 1 land for quite a while before it needs the second (if you have to), can function almost completely on 2 lands, and has no need for any more than 3 whatsoever. With the arbor, you are running 21, when this deck can easily get away with running 19. Plus the arbor comes in sick, so you can't drop your turn 1 beater, your turn 2 goyf, or your turn 3 magus. It combos decently with the copter, but as there are 2 copters and 1 arbor, I don't think its worth the consideration. Reckless rage isn't the best option for the 1-drop removal slot, as you have path to exile, flame slash (goyf food), pyrite spellbomb (goyf food), seal of fire (goyf food). I like mainboarded dromoka's command, as it gives you lots of decent options and ups the instant count, but I don't like 4 of them when atarka's command is this deck's bread and butter. I've personally never liked running 4 lavamancers, as you don't want to drop it early at all, and it works extremely well as a top deck, so in general I keep it to 2 or 3 so it hits the field with fuel ready to go. Plus, if you drop it turn 1 or 2, activating it neuters goyf.

That being said, I see PLENTY of incredible synergy in here. The more I look at naram renegade, the more I like it in here. You will almost certainly be able to chuck a land to it, and if you can't its still a 1/2 deathtouch. By the time magus of the moon hits, you are fielded and already cruising, and this deck can function on mostly mountains anyway. Plus, if you have one in the opening you can fetch basics before you drop it and be all set.

Nice work, I'm going to be thinking about this type of build for a while

Posted 11 January 2019 at 21:36