Creatureless Red Modern

by Andarious on 05 March 2018

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How to Play

Burn threats first, burn face when you're in a position to win (Probably after you charge up an ascension or two).

Weird note, if you have 5 mountains in play, but NO Valakut, consider not playing mountains (stack your hand). This has a psych effect, and will have you loaded for IF and when you do get Valakut. You can also pitch a pair of mountains with Faithless Looting to fuel up, if need be.

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  • Not Legal in Standard
  • Not Legal in Modern
  • Legal in Vintage
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Deck discussion for Creatureless Red Modern

I have spent a LOT of time trying to make pyromancer's ascension work (I ran a paper standard deck with it at one point in modern)
One of the big challenges I have had with it is the turn when you play it.

Without creatures to block for you, you need to hold of on playing it until the board is completely empty of enemy attackers. Otherwise they will have an second turn to reinforce toughness of their creatures to survive your later direct damage spells.

What is your big finishing play? The biggest hit I can see here is maybe a duplicated lightning bolt? I would also advice adding in even more of the multi creature targeting spells, you really need the card efficiency.

Consider putting in 4 copies of expedition map. its a 1cmc artfact that you can use to fetch Valakut from your library. (although with only 17 other land I dont see you getting beyond 5 lands on the field before the game ends)

Question: what are you ramping into with pyretic ritual and metamorphose? Would it be better to replace them with more burn (especially a high damage late game spell?)

I have my own version of a mono-red no-creature burn deck.

Posted 05 March 2018 at 02:41


The "ramp" from Manamorphose is just accelerant for Ascension, it's one more card that draws, and can be a trigger for ascension. Pyretic Ritual's not as good for that but can still help, especially by letting me get a 3 CMC into the GY BEFORE I cast Pyromancer Ascension.

I'd probably not put a Pyromancer's ascension down until I have a GY with at least one thing I have a copy of already in hand, Staggerslash, or Volt Charge ideall, as with a single second copy going to GY I'll get the two-charge in.

Copied burn is the "big play" I'm not going for a giant Johnny finish, those decks are fun for what they are but I don't really want to go with a big grapeshot combo, so much as see if I can win consistently vs at least a style or two with this. I think the key is gonna be patience with burn (especially multi-target burn), and a bit of luck lol. The Faithless looting and Manamorphose help with that.

Valakut's in there as a 1 of, just for a luck card. I don't think I'd want to waste deck-space, or mana on intentionally fetching it, although maybe expidition as a SB card vs decks that want to play some sort of counter based long-game on me would be a smart move.

Posted 05 March 2018 at 08:36