Tatyova Control Budget EDH

by Blu3Comm4nd on 15 November 2020

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Deck Description

Someone in our play group wanted to do a 50 dollar budget deck for EDH, so this is what I built for it.

How to Play

Basically it's a control deck that can combo with a creature that puts a land from your hand into play, retreat to coralhelm, meloku or the bounce land, and tatyova to draw your deck. Then you play thassa's oracle or jace to win the game. I wanted to have field of the dead as an alternate wincon by making beatsticks, but couldn't fit it in.

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  • Budget
  • EDH
  • Control
  • Simic

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Deck discussion for Tatyova Control Budget EDH

Hey there,
I've noticed you don't use a lot of tags.
Tags makes your decks more visible in the long term, if you use the right tags.
It does mean that you will be more visible if you post a popular decktype.
A few people invent new tags, but they rarely catch on unless people can see the general idea of the tag.

When you look at the different deck pages you can often see what tags have been used most. Even on the hot pages ;)

Making your deck easy to find also means that you don't need to copy it and repost it like some trollish users does it. It's a longterm "like" generator, so it brings more likes to use tags than it does when you copy and repost.

The system is set up so that when people search for decks, the system only looks at the first 4 tags, so if your 5th tag is affinity others won't find it when they search for it. (Go ahead and test it)

This means that you have to think a little about your tags before making your deck public.

Posted 18 November 2020 at 07:19


Thanks, I don't really use this enough to remember to tag things.

Posted 23 November 2020 at 04:32


Yeah, and you'd had to learn which tags were most in use, so if you are low on activity it would hardly pay of.
There are decks that get posted and get a good number of likes though.
It's a longterm bet, like stocks.

Posted 23 November 2020 at 08:19


When I played Tatyova in Standard, I comboed it up with World Shaper. I know it may be a bit difficult for EDH to mill yourself just to get some lands pushed back from your graveyard but it would play well together with Tassa's Oracle

Posted 25 November 2020 at 07:15