Kumena's Kumandos

by Bubel on 16 May 2018

Main Deck (62 cards)

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Creatures (3)

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Deck Description

Kumena and his lovely friends decide to wipe everyone else out. Enjoy being slippery and unblockable, kids.

How to Play

Get lots of little merfolk and Kumena out. Use Kumena to draw cards and give them all counters during your opponent's end step, then play herald of secret streams and swing for massive, unblockable lethal. Use Kopala and heroic intervention to protect your merfolk from removal and boardwipes. Your biggest concern is settle the wreckage, so make sure they have no chance of casting it during your finisher.

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  • Standard
  • Merfolk
  • Simic

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Card Legality

  • Not Legal in Standard
  • Legal in Modern
  • Legal in Vintage
  • Legal in Legacy

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