Kozilek's Annihilators

by cbelzer89 on 08 November 2019

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Deck Description

Out of the colorless commanders at our disposal, Kozilek, the great distortion is king because even though his stats are decent: 12/12 for 10 mana with menace, he allows us to refill our hand (which by mid-to-late game might be running low), and he becomes a literal counter machine. All those cards you drew from him are now potential counter spells. In any colorless eldrazi deck your curve typically starts at 5-7 mana. So don't be shocked if you can't do anything for 4-5 turns or more. Luckily, we have plenty of mana rocks to get Koz out sooner. The nice thing about running a colorless deck is that you don't have to pay a lot of money for lands. Also, you can make this deck as cheap or as expensive as you wish. This particular build is middle of the road. By adding more expensive mana rocks (mana crypt, grim monolith) you could tack on a couple hundred bucks more.

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  • Colorless
  • Eldrazi
  • Artifact
  • EDH
  • Commander
  • Creature-Based

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