Aspect Devotion Pump

by DedWards on 15 July 2019

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Deck Description

This is NOT a devotion ramp deck, so please do not suggest the Devotion ramp stuff.

Still need to acquire more Oversoul of Dusk, but I'm using Gigantosaurus in their slot for now.

Sideboard is a WIP.

How to Play

This deck was build around Aspect of Hydra. To get full use out of it, I looked for powerful creatures that could add a ton of Devotion.

> Aspect of Hydra is to go on an unblocked creature / Ghalta in a big swing. I've managed to cast 2 of it to give a creature +11/+11 twice.
> Leatherback Baloth and Steel Leaf Champion are overstatted creatures that supply 3 Devotion a piece.
> Oversoul of Dusk has protection from majority of the targeted removal used in Modern, and is not an easy creature to block. It also adds 5 Devotion.
> Strangleroot Geist has haste, and Burning-Tree Emissary allows for playing multiple cards in a turn, even if you can't always use the red. Both add 2 Devotion each.
> Nullhide Ferox May not add it's full CMC in Devotion, but it is a super statted creature for that CMC.
> Ghalta, Primal Hunger takes advantage of all the cheap, high power creatures. It also surves as a secondary win condition if Aspect of Hydra doesn't work out.
> Arbor Elf + Utopia Sprawl allow for some truly explosive starts. Even on their own, they can allow for a turn two 3 drop.

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Deck discussion for Aspect Devotion Pump

Primalcrux and maybe Khalni Hydra could be worth a look.
Doubling Chant allows you to double your devotion with a single spell.
Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is a strong card in devotion decks tough it's expensive to get ($).


Posted 16 July 2019 at 07:30