Casual Multiplayer Dragonstorm

by DedWards on 26 October 2018

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Deck Description

Redesigning my mono red Dragonstorm deck for a casual multiplayer game. Meaning I can use the cards that are banned in Modern, like Gitaxian Probe and Seething Song.

How to Play

The idea is to get as many rituals and Dragonstorm in hand ASAP, then use the rituals to ramp into Dragonstorm to fetch 4x Kokusho and 1x Predator Dragon.
Note: fetch Kokusho first, to use the legend rule to trigger its death ability, then Devour the last Kokusho with Predator Dragon.

To help assemble the combo, Manamorphose and Gitaxian Probe are free draw spells, while Faithless Looting helps replace excess lands and non turn 1 Lotus Blooms. Manamorphose also helps play a Kokusho, if you draw it.

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  • Casual
  • Combo
  • Dragon
  • Dragonstorm
  • Mono Red

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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Deck discussion for Casual Multiplayer Dragonstorm

This deck looks like a lot of fun! Definitely a contender, once you are able to get the kokusho's out!

Posted 26 October 2018 at 13:16