Elf Tokens revamp

by DedWards on 09 September 2021

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Deck Description

This is a reworked version of one of my very first Elf decks I made, that set me down on the path of many more Elf decks that look very different from each other, especially my aggro oriented Elf Warrior list.

How to Play

The primary idea for the original deck always to make a but ton of Elf Warrior tokens. To take advantage of that, I also needed lord effects.

In the early game, you want as much mana as possible to play out as many Elves, and Elf Warrior tokens as quickly as possible.
Heritage Druid helps a lot here as it can tap Elves that have summoning sickness. To take advantage of Heritage Druid, Nettle Sentinel's untap effect allows it to be tapped multiple times in a turn. Also, turn 1 Heritage Druid into turn 2 Dwynen's Elite allows yoh to tap all 3 to play a lord on turn 2 with 3 other Elves to benefit from the lord's pump.

The other big mana producer is Elvish Archdruid.

To take advantage of all this mana, the deck has some mana sinks:
>Joraga Warcaller can be kicked multiple times, making the whole team extremely large (as long as Joraga Warcaller lives).
> Rhys the Redeemed's second tap ability does cost 6 mana, but it doubles all the tokens the deck makes, allowing you to make even. More mana off Heritage Druid and / or Elvish Archdruid.
> Elvish Warmaster's ability gives the team +2/+2 and deathtouch. It can be activated multiple times for even more +2/+2's to the team.
> Ezuri, Renegade Leader's ability gives the team +3/+3 and trample, and can also be activated multiple times. Activate Elvish Warmaster and Ezuri gets you both deathtouch and trample, meaning you only need to deal 1 damage to each blocker and the rest goes to the opponent's face.

Essence Warden helps keep you alive a little longer against aggro decks, and it's another 1 drop to tap to Heritage Druid in the early game.

Elvish Warmaster also makes an extra Elf Warrior almost every turn, even during the opponent's turn of using Elvish Ambush.

Ezuri's regenerate ability can be used to keep the rest of the team alive.

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Deck discussion for Elf Tokens revamp

How about adding the Ivy Lane Denizen + Scurry Oak combo ?
Infinite squirrels + essence warden = lotza life...

Posted 09 September 2021 at 08:49


That is a fun combo, but I feel it deserves its own deck list.

Posted 09 September 2021 at 09:22


Here's my take.

Treefolk harbinger and other stuff to search for the combo.

I'm sure someone will make it pauper somehow.

How about presence of gond on nettle sentinel ?
That should be thematically correct.

Posted 09 September 2021 at 11:48


I'd say to keep yourself viable against decks with board wipes, i'd switch elven ambush and one of another creature for collected company. I think it's also just a good enough card and would make the deck better against every deck.

Posted 09 September 2021 at 19:51