Elf Tokens revamp

by DedWards on 09 September 2021

Mana Curve

Mana Symbol Occurrence

Type breakdown

Elvish Archdruid4x Elvish ArchdruidCreature — Elf Druid$3.84$6.64$3,940.00
Elvish Mystic4x Elvish MysticCreature — Elf Druid$3.96$10.20$79.96
Heritage Druid4x Heritage DruidCreature — Elf Druid$28.00$37.92$99.96
Llanowar Elves4x Llanowar ElvesCreature — Elf Druid$1.96$3.76$15.80
Essence Warden3x Essence WardenCreature — Elf Shaman$9.87$14.79$50.67
Dwynen's Elite3x Dwynen's EliteCreature — Elf Warrior$0.57$1.32$2,999.97
Elvish Warmaster3x Elvish WarmasterCreature — Elf Warrior$2.76$6.99$29,997.00
Joraga Warcaller3x Joraga WarcallerCreature — Elf Warrior$12.30$23.97$74.97
Nettle Sentinel4x Nettle SentinelCreature — Elf Warrior$0.32$2.00$27.96
Elven Ambush3x Elven AmbushInstant$0.60$1.50$14.97
Ezuri, Renegade Leader3x Ezuri, Renegade LeaderLegendary Creature — Elf Warrior $17.73$26.55$2,955.00
Rhys the Redeemed2x Rhys the RedeemedLegendary Creature — Elf Warrior$5.00$10.00$73.48
Forest20x ForestBasic Land — Forest$0.00$0.00$0.00