Elf Warrior Revolt v2

by DedWards on 22 June 2019

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Deck Description

Reworking my Elf Warrior deck to make space for M20's Elvish Reclaimer:

Twinblade Slasher = Elvish Reclaimer

How to Play

This is an aggro deck that relies on speed, hence the low mana curve, and the synergy of the tribe to deal as much damage to the opponent as fast as possible.

The most difficult part of designing this deck has been the mana base. I needed a way to reliably trigger Revolt for Narnam Renegade and Greenwheel Liberator; have a Plains out for Sunblade Elf; and get 3+ lands in the graveyard for Elvish Reclaimer. While I won't be able to test Elvish Reclaimer until I acquire a set, the land base has proven to be reliable enough for the others.

Nettle Sentinel, Narnam Renegade, and Sunblade Elf are all 2 powered creatures for 1 mana. Elvish Reclaimer can be a 3 powered creature for 1 mana.

Greenwheel Liberator and Wren's Run Vanquisher also have above the curve power.

Bramblewood Paragon, Metallic Mimic, and Joraga Warcaller are your lords. Where possible, Metallic should be played before anything else (bar your turn one 2/X) and almost always calling Elf. Bramblewood is arguably the most important lord because she gives trample. Joraga Warcaller benefits greatly from all the free +1/+1 counters. Gavony Township also helps some here.

Path to Exile not only deals with threats too big to bash your elves into, it also stops some creature based strategies or clears the path to push more damage through.

The sideboard is a work in progress and probably won't fit your meta anyway as I'm gearing it towards my club's meta.

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