Elf Warrior Revolt v2

by DedWards on 22 June 2019

Mana Curve

Mana Symbol Occurrence

Type breakdown

Metallic Mimic4x Metallic MimicArtifact Creature — Shapeshifter$26.00$36.00$59.96
Bramblewood Paragon4x Bramblewood ParagonCreature — Elf Warrior$1.96$5.76$27.96
Greenwheel Liberator4x Greenwheel LiberatorCreature — Elf Warrior$0.20$1.28$19.96
Joraga Warcaller4x Joraga WarcallerCreature — Elf Warrior$10.00$15.16$22.16
Narnam Renegade4x Narnam RenegadeCreature — Elf Warrior$0.20$1.00$86.00
Nettle Sentinel4x Nettle SentinelCreature — Elf Warrior$0.40$1.96$27.96
Sunblade Elf3x Sunblade ElfCreature — Elf Warrior$0.03$0.72$6.00
Twinblade Slasher4x Twinblade SlasherCreature — Elf Warrior$0.52$1.32$7.60
Wren's Run Vanquisher4x Wren's Run VanquisherCreature — Elf Warrior$0.48$1.96$8.00
Path to Exile4x Path to ExileInstant$10.00$15.96$40.52
Forest10x ForestBasic Land — Forest$0.00$0.00$0.00
Plains1x PlainsBasic Land — Plains$0.00$0.00$0.00
Gavony Township1x Gavony TownshipLand$0.95$2.50$10.92
Windswept Heath4x Windswept HeathLand$49.40$71.36$159.12
Wooded Foothills2x Wooded FoothillsLand$44.00$54.58$99.56
Canopy Vista1x Canopy VistaLand — Forest Plains$0.99$2.67$9.90
Temple Garden2x Temple GardenLand — Forest Plains$12.00$20.62$38.02