Frost Dragon

by DedWards on 08 November 2017

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Deck Description

We recently got a lot of new members at my LGS, so I've shelved my Ponza deck so as not to scare them away. So I decided to start working on a new project (updating my Elf Warrior deck), but got sidetracked by another idea. This is that idea :P

How to Play

The idea is to drop one of the 3 best, imo, red dragons in modern and beat face with it.

Mind Stone and Coldsteel Heart help ramp into a turn 3 Koth or Regent. Also helps get a turn 4 Glorybringer or Stormbreath, and a turn Chandra.

Draconic Roar, Skred and Bolt as targeted removal.

Anger and Pyroclasm to sweep. Chandra can sweep too, in a pinch.

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  • Modern
  • Fun
  • Dragon
  • Mono Red

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Deck discussion for Frost Dragon

Reading the title "Frost Dragon" I thought of Rimescale Dragon that "freezes" your opponents creatures with Ice Counters ;)

Posted 08 November 2017 at 08:49


I had considered Rimescale for flavour perposes, but went with this list because of their individual value.

Posted 08 November 2017 at 09:19