Starfield Doom Saga

by DedWards on 29 May 2021

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Deck Description

Trying to rework my Abzan Doom Foretold / Starfield of Nyx deck.

The deck was designed around Starfield of Nyx's ability to reanimate enchantments every turn, and the best enchantment that kills itself is Doom foretold. Saga's also kill themselves, making for good recriminating targets.

How to Play

Primary idea is to get out Starfield of Nyx to keep reanimating enchantments that either kill themselves or that get sacrificed to Doom Foretold, then win through the value of their effects.

Starfield Mystic and Herald of the Pantheon reduce the cost of all the enchantments, making those 4 and 5 mana enchantments cost as little as 1 or 2 mana (still need to pay the coloured mana), but often just reducing by 1 or 2 allows for some very powerful turns. Starfield Mystic also gets bigger each time one of our enchantments die.
Wolfwillow haven also helps with ramping into the bigger enchantments, but is also a target for Calix's abilities.
Setessan Champion takes advantage of all the enchantments entering the battlefield, drawing you cards and quickly becoming a threat on its own.
Sigil of the Empty Throne is an alternative win condition, making an army of 4/4 Angels fairly quickly.
Trial of Ambition is a great early game removal spell that remains on the battlefield to be sacrificed to Doom Foretold later.

As for what we're primarily reanimating with Starfield of Nyx:
The Sagas, Binding the Old Gods and History of Benalia, interact in an interesting way with Nyx. Nyx reanimates in the upkeep, which will get you the effects of chapter [I], and then you get chapter [II] right after you draw a card for the turn.
Because of how triggers work, you can't sacrifice Doom Foretold to its own Upkeep trigger and reanimate it in the same upkeep with Nyx, but you can easily use nyx to reanimate a 2nd copy that was already in the graveyard. This is actually a "stax" lock that has won me a large number of games.
Being legendary, Oath of Kaya is another great reanimate target if you have a second in the graveyard. Because of the Legend Rule, you can keep looping the two every turn (Doom is still the better loop though).

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