Starfield of Dooooooom

by DedWards on 30 December 2019

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Deck Description

I've been sitting on Starfield of Nyx for a couple of years now, wanting to do something with them, but never being able to do anything satisfactory with it. That is until Doom Foretold and Pioneer became a thing. This is, to date, the best Pioneer list I own.

Sideboard is a WIP

*Edit 09/03/2021:
Updated it to better reflect the current state of the deck IRL.
As per MTG Top 8, aggro is about 70% of the Pioneer meta. Nyx-Fleece Ram and Seal Away should help against this as well as Cry of the Carnarium, which was added to help battle mono black aggro and all it's self reanimating creatures.

How to Play

The primary combo is getting out both Starfield of Nyx and Doom Foretold.

Once these two are out, because both Starfield and Doom trigger in the upkeep, you can stack the triggers to sacrifice Doom, then reanimate it to get around Doom's down side. You can also use this to get two 2/2 Knights off History, or get additional triggers of Oath or Trial's ETB effects.

The cost reduction from Herald of the Pantheon and Starfield Mystic help a LOT. I've often played Starfield for 3 mana, Oath and Doom for {W}{B} each, and Trial for {B}. In addition to the cost reduction, Herald's life gain helps against aggro and the enchantments dying (including legend ruling Oath) makes Mystic very big.

The draw from Setessan Champion and the pseudo draw from Calix help keep the hand fueled.

Other combo's with Starfield of Nyx:
Oath of Kaya is legendary, so a second copy allows you to reanimate one each turn.
Elspeth Conquers Death, being a Saga, kills itself. Becaus Starfield reanimated on the upkep, you get chapter 1 in the upkeep, then chapter 2 on the first main phase of the same turn.

Doom Foretold's Friends:
Oath of Kaya and Trial of Ambition are perfect sacrifice fodder.

Fancy trick with Doom and Starfield:
I have, on a number of occasions, played a Doom to animate my enchantments, only to have Doom die on the opponent's turn to turn off the animate effect of Starfield and dodge a wrath effect (and other sorcery speed creature removal).

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Deck discussion for Starfield of Dooooooom

Interesting. I have no Pioneer experience, but this looks like it'd give some heartburn!

Posted 03 January 2020 at 21:37


So far it has been a lot of fun to play. Only real trouble I've had is WU control, but even then a fast start into the cheaper enchantments, especially History of Benalia, help me play the aggro game.

Posted 03 January 2020 at 23:13