Valiant White Wheenie

by DedWards on 28 May 2019

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Deck Description

I've been doing well with my aggro white weenie in Standard and realised the creature type was quite varied, which is great for Valient Changeling's ability. So I decided to adapt the deck to Modern to include Valient Changeling. This is the first attempt.

How to Play

The main idea is to flood the board with cheap creatures and attack the opponent before he has chance to react.

Some interactions:
>Snow lands make it easy to cast Icehide Golem.
>All the creature types make casting Valiant Changeling easier. With 10 different creature types on non-changeling cards, a 2 or 3 mana Valiant Changeling should be easy most games.
>Benalish Marshal buffs the board.
>Thanks to convoke, Venerated Loxodon often comes down for only 1 or 2 real mana, sometimes 0 mana, while buffing all who convoked it.
>With the swarm of cheap creatures, flipping Legion's Landing is easy.
>Dauntless Bodyguard and Adanto Vanguard provide some resiliency .
>Lifelink on the Vampire token and Healer's Hawk and Leonin Vanguard's ability provides advantage against other aggro decks and life for Adanto Vanguard's ability.

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  • Modern
  • Mono White
  • Weenie
  • Aggro

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Deck discussion for Valiant White Wheenie

Very nice. It's cool to see a new type of white wheenie that has an extra challenge of finding different creature types. Maybe have some lands other than only snow covered plains?

Posted 05 June 2019 at 03:02


I want to be able to cast Icehide Golem reliably, so I can't remove too many Snow lands. Emeria, the Sky Ruin is an option I'm considering, but entering tapped is really not looking good.

Posted 07 June 2019 at 22:03


yeah, maybe go with that ::_::

Posted 08 June 2019 at 01:28