-1/-1 Synergy

by DefinitionofSonder on 10 September 2017

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Any help is appreciated. I had a hard time narrowing down what I want to keep in.

How to Play

Get Nest of Scarabs out as fast as possible and this deck gets very out of control very fast.

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  • Nest of scarabs
  • Synergy
  • Fun
  • Budget
  • -1/-1
  • Casual

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  • Legal in Standard
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Deck discussion for -1/-1 Synergy

I can't help but notice how many -1/-1 counters you have on your own creatures. I think you should put that to good use by using "Quillspike" and maybe "Devoted Druid" too. I have a deck like this called "-1/-1 Madness", if you want more ideas you could take a look at it.

Posted 13 September 2017 at 17:22


If it's a standard deck then those options are both out. If it's a modern deck sure. But to make either of those two a presence he'd lose the "Budget" part"(devoted druid $6ea quillspike $2.75). Note that the two blooming marshes are the only cards over $2.00 which can be replace by golgari guildgate or golgari rot farm. You also lose the "fun" (no one likes spending money if they don't have to).

Posted 06 October 2017 at 19:55