toxic manipulation com-10

by derr45 on 28 September 2023

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Deck Description

main card is eon hub and any card that has cumulative upkeep which is glacier chasm,mystic remora,stasis and other cards

mishra and possibility storm is combo.
Krenko and sac outlets are gonna be your win con with glacier chasm and/ or stasis on the field.even worse with dragon spark reactor and goblin bombardment with either mycosynths on the field .Could even use blood artist and reckless fireweaver with sac outlets to make pain worse.agent of the iron throne and scrap heap makes it worse.

make everything artifacts through encroaching or mycosynth to get around stasis and/or static orb with unwinding clock then add shimmer myr to be able to play spells on each persons turn.

mystic remora,phyrexian arena and ichor wellspring is draw power with bolas citadel being able to speed the deck up.

Panharmonicon makes triggered abilities trigger an additional time which combos good with encroaching or mycosyth.

thornbite staff,krenko and bombardment is an infinite token combo.

few spells to make artifacts cost 1 less

tutor spells to look for wincons or cards of importance as listed here.

planar chaos cause why not.

karn to make powerstones. Extortionist to make treasure tokens.

bloodfunnel cause mishra gets it from the grave anyway and neera helps.

Rulings notes for Mishra and possibility storm:

When you control both Mishra and Possibility Storm and cast an artifact spell, both of them will trigger. For your combo to work, you want to put Possibility Storm’s trigger on the stack above Mishra’s trigger.

Possibility Storm’s trigger will resolve first and give you a new artifact (or maybe creature if it was an artifact creature) and then tuck the original artifact on the bottom of your library with the other revealed cards.

Mishra’s trigger then resolves and lets you search your library and other places for a card with the same name as the one that just got shunted onto the bottom. (Yes, he remembers what spell it was.) And guess what? He finds it there and slaps it down onto the battlefield shiny and new for you to play with.

How to Play

Your 1st and main goal is to get eon hub either in the field or in your hand as quickly as possible with the means in your deck.

2nd card you want to getin hand or on the field is mychosynth lattice but if you can get enchroaching mychosynth thats even better.
You can use tutors to search for those cards or other tutors to lookfor the tutors that can look for those cards or can even use forgemaster.

your 3rd goal is get unwinding clock then stasis and/or static orb then glacier chasm and/or planar chaos.

you 4th goal is to get krenko and a sac outlet(one that does damage preferably).Build up the tokens on yours and everyone elses turns and then kill the whole table. Or an alternate way of winning is with either mychosynth on the field have your krenko tokens come in as artifacts with dragonspark reactor on the field and kill opponents that way, potentially in a single rotation.

There is other ways to have fun in this deck though.

mishra and possibility storm with neera wild mage can do some fun stuff.

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