Legacy RUW Control (Competive)

by dknight27 on 11 November 2018

Main Deck (60 cards)

Sideboard (15 cards)

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Deck Description

My take of a competitive Jeskai control build in Legacy that doesn't run miracles.

Here's my theory: Miracles is more affirmative and has more spots for win conditions, whereas Jeskai has enough control cards/slow-win conditions on its own to suffice, freeing up more spots to hate on opponent. This build, in theory, has pretty good matchups against most decktypes because of its flexibility and side options, as it basically doesn't commit to anything mainboard except saying "no" to what opponent's doing with sneaky-slow win conditions tacked on. The only big weaknesses this deck has are the same weaknesses most decks have, the strange mechanics/win conditions like ad nauseum or lands.

Here's a matchup analysis and sideboard instructions:

Critter-based/Fast critters (elves, merfolk, goblins, etc): Game 1 looks pretty good. 8 mainboarded direct critter hate, 14 optional critter hate, and generally fast reaction match up well.

-3 dovin's veto, -1 relic, -2 teferi
(focus on critters means anti-noncritter stuff is less effective, and relic doesn't have any good targets)
+2 pyroclasm, +1 council’s judgement, +3 containment priest
(added critter hate and a flash 2/2 for added blocks with tempo)

General Control: Game 1 looks decent, only big problem being the balance of 9 direct critter hates.

-1 supreme verdict, -2 swords
(directly hating critters is less of a concern)
+3 flusterstorm
(flusterstorm hates on control like nobody's business)

Sneak n Show: Game 1 should be about even, as Sneak n Show goes balls to the wall and the 9 direct critter interactions you run don't do much good. Side helps a lot.

-4 swords, -1 supreme, -1 relic, -1 teferi
(spot removal doesn't work on the sneak targets, supreme verdict is too slow, and relic has no targets, teferi is underpowered)
+3 Containment priest, +3 flusterstorm, +1 council’s judgement
(containment priest stops this deck cold, flusterstorm is the speedy counter that hates on anything that needs speed, judgement kills the enchantments or the big bad)

Dredge: Same problems as sneak n show, direct critter removal doesn't work as well. You have to focus on messing up the discard mechanics game 1.

-3 bolt, -1 snap, -2 teferi
(pull out direct interaction and snap (grave hate goes in)
+3 Containment priest, +3 rest in peace
(the priest and rest in peace shuts dredge down. Combine that with the mainboarded relic and you've got 7 cards that lock opponent down)

Ad Nauseum: This deck's biggest challenge. Ad nauseum doesn't run critters at all, and has sneaky ways around counterspells, so the mainboard balance is off game 1. Side has some good balance though)

-4 swords to plowshares, -1 supreme verdict, -1 bolt
(no critter interaction needed)
+3 Leyline of sanctity, +3 flusterstorm
(leyline shuts down the win condition, flusterstorm says no to draw mechanics/counters/discard)

Burn: This deck does well game 1 and fantastically after siding. Only big problems game 1 is the force of will imbalance (takes 2 cards and a life to negate 1 card and some damage, bad balance)

-1 supreme verdict, -4 force of will, -1 relic, -2 teferi
(wrong balance or not needed)
+3 Leyline of sanctity , +3 flusterstorm, +2 containment priest
(leyline is an anti-burn dream, flusterstorm trades off material and burn lives on material, priest starts the clock and blocks)

Lands: Another game 1 bad matchup, as removal does next to nothing. However, sideboard brings the pain

-4 swords to plowshares, -1 supreme verdict, -1 snap, -3 spell snare, -1 teferi
(spell snare has no real targets, and removal does nothing good, teferi is underpowered)
+3 Rest in peace, +3 leyline, +3 containment priest, +1 council’s judgement
(rest in peace stops this deck cold, leyline takes away one of the primary win conditions, containment priest starts the damage clock, judgement kills op enchantments/artifacts)

Delver: Possibly the best matchup, as this deck says no to everything delver wants to do.

-1 relic, -1 dovin's veto
(relic is ok against some of the delve mechanics, but pyroclams hits mighty hard, veto doesn't hit as hard as pyroclasm)
+2 pyroclasm
(dismantles delver)

Reanimator: Decent matchup, a matter of speed game 1. But, game 2 has fantastic answers

-3 bolt, -1 supreme verdict, -2 teferi
(bolt is too shallow, verdict is too slow, teferi doesn’t stop sorceries)
+3 flusterstorm, +3 containment priest
(flusterstorm says no to both combo pieces, containment priest kills the combo)

Criticisms and comments encouraged.

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Deck discussion for Legacy RUW Control (Competive)

New Narset and Teferi should really have slots in this. Personally I'd drop 1 Izzet charm, 1 Counterspell, and 1 Spell Snare for 2x Teferi Time Raveler and 1x Narset, Parter of Veils.

+1 from me though, nice to see a legacy deck on here for a change.

Posted 21 May 2019 at 04:03


I haven't dug too deeply into the new planeswalker culture yet, but at a cursory look both suggestions look good. It's a shame that Teferi's +1 basically doesn't help this deck, but that's probably irrelevant. Let me do some thinking and rebalancing. Thanks for the input, I'm always trying to construct my own mechanics and sometimes it needs outside input to clear things up

Posted 24 May 2019 at 20:52


Updated. Decided to double up Teferi, rime raveler. Narset interacts poorly with my side options, at least from my perspective.


Posted 01 June 2019 at 02:05