Modern Anti-Meta (Competitive)

by dknight27 on 04 May 2024

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Deck Description

Modern is fast, predictable, and incestuous.

This build shuts all of that down and weenies for the win.

I've decided to take a break from magic for a while. The game has been disappointing me since modern became the new legacy with one-drop and zero-drops being the standard OP bullshit meta. Plus they keep doing themed IP sets and reprints with special art just to make money, even though that doesn't really affect me.

Thus, I go out (for a while) on an anti-meta deck; perfectly ironic.

Here's how she works.

Almost every critter says no to something in the meta. The ones that don't are either +1 in material or protect the other critters.

A fielded Dusk Drinker hopefully shuts down lands opponent has tapped out (fewer lands being run), and if fielded with other critters, of which this deck is full, that's probably a GG unless they've got a stashed Bolt.

My favorite part of this deck is the Deafening Silence, which doesn't hurt you whatsoever, and Ethersworn Cannonist, which hurts the meta infinitely more than it hurts you. That's eight mainboarded cheap hate cards that say 'NO' to the majority of the meta. I'm very happy about that connection.

The rest is standard weenie stuff with a couple neat tricks thrown in. Like Stoneforge being able to fetch Lion Sash, which is mainboarded grave hate.

Cheers friends, here's to coming back to magic when Ragavan isn't legal in modern.

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Deck discussion for Modern Anti-Meta (Competitive)

I like it a lot lets smash the meta using our cunning. i still proudly remember a game i (somehow) won against what are they called again oh yeah emrakul how could i forget. ps i personally have never won any of my games with either a jace or emrakul. pps i dont need force of will either got enough force of will of my own ha. nice one stalwart deck idea and an inspirational movement within the game.

Posted 13 May 2024 at 04:26


Make sure you have something that wins against scam decks, gotta be the most boring deck to ever touch the meta. Veil of Summer works nicely, you can also keep a five-land hand with a Loxodon Smiter but that might be wishful thinking

Posted 13 May 2024 at 14:55


Here's my thoughts on the anti-scam aspects of the deck.

Turn 1 Deafening Silence shuts down the recursion bullshit cold, and has next to nothing opponent can do about it cause it's an enchantment against red/black. It also greatly hampers development and does next to nothing against you.

Canonist does the same thing but slower and vulnerable to bolts/pushes. However, that's 8 mainbaorded problems for Scam.

Still thinking about the sideboard options. I hate that Scam has a couple different builds, but what can you do. Still a work in progress.

Posted 14 May 2024 at 23:06


Deafening Silence is valid, the new High Noon could also work really well because, as you said, red/black can't do well against enchantments. The problem with scam is that it does a lot of what it wants to do on turn one, which makes it really hard to interact with. Grafdigger's Cage and Veil of Summer can stop the Grief engine when you're on the play, but when you're on the draw, Leyline of the Void is the only thing I can really think of that beats it

Posted 17 May 2024 at 12:42


Hi , I just want to tell you thank you, for tooking the time to review my deck, Red and Green deck, It means alot to me, ive also added some cards that you mentioned in the comments..

Posted 16 May 2024 at 17:38


So, let's quickly address how this stops each meta deck:

Murktide - Exile stuff that hits graveyard, IF Dryad is on the field or you can fetch Lion Sash. You do at least have Rest in Peace in Sideboard.
Scam - The banning of Fury already did a lot to delete Scam decks from the meta, but the one spell per turn cards will still help heaps.
Yawgmoth - I don't see how you get around this one. The only way out in here is all sideboard cards, unless you have searched for the Lion Sash and are able to grab the Young Wolf out of the graveyard, which a good Yawgmoth player would have killed off very quickly.
Domain/Leyline - Outside of the 4 Path to Exile, not much here to stop a Scion of Draco or the other cards in the deck. This deck type will be the bane of what you have created here.
Tron - Most of their stuff is artifact, but stopping them from untapping all of their lands is a good idea. Just not sure how consistently you'll be doing that.

Overall I think that this will certainly shake up some decks, and possibly dent the reputations of certain strategies, I'm not sure if it's enough to break through what we currently have. Especially with the power-creep nonsense that is Modern Horizons 3 on the, well, the horizon.
That being said, I do certainly appreciate someone else also trying to stand up to the meta and tell it to shove off too!

Posted 17 May 2024 at 15:03


can you review my deck called Shamans deck, pleaseee.. D

Posted 20 May 2024 at 15:01


I really like Obelisk of Urd

Posted 22 May 2024 at 15:36


What about Hostility card? Can it be used in Shaman Tribal deck??

Posted 23 May 2024 at 04:12


Im happy with shaman deck. I ordered online the cards..and in goimg to Play on friday in my local shop :)

Posted Friday at 08:14


GREAT Deck. Oh yeah, let's put on the brakes. Starting to collect the cards for this one!

Posted Friday at 17:07


Hi, Ive bought for my shaman deck.. 2x Metallic Mimic cards.Is that good for my shaman deck??

Posted Friday at 18:20


Dknight27 ,Is my deck complete ? Or I need some other pieaces.. in my shaman deck?

Posted yesterday at 11:04


Ive put Mimic and Urd to the sideboard.and Ive put 2x Yeva, Nature's Herald.
I like it beacase it Got flash. :)

Posted 1 hours ago