Modern Payday Loan-Competitive

by dknight27 on 03 August 2022

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Deck Description

An attempt to recreate the plan of Death & Taxes with a green twist. Specifically, Green allows for powerful main boarded grave hate (Endurance, Ooze), supreme hatred against control (Voice on top of Thalia and Sentinel) and a little accel over the mono-white build in Noble Hierarch over Aether Vial (different functions, but similar purposes, and the Hierarch boosts agro damage and is guaranteed to help if played turn 1).

Other than that, the deck tries to take and hold the field early and squeeze out an agro win while min/maxing the material and tempo advantage over control and other agro builds.

Further of note, fun little synergy with Prismatic Ending going on, as you get access to extra colors from Hierarch, Sunbaked Canyon, and Silent Clearing, so you've got a decent shot at being able to take down a 3-drop if needed (7 ways to do this).

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