Budget Modern Spirits

by DrMalakai on 30 June 2020

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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Deck discussion for Budget Modern Spirits

This doesn't look really budget-ish

Posted Tuesday at 06:06


Compared to what it could be for Modern? It really is. Tbh, I could take out the Aether Vials and that would basically straight up make it budget.

Posted Tuesday at 23:24


Ideally, I'd be able to fir 4x Selfless Spirits in for the 4x Bygone Bishops, but again, this is by far the more budget brew.

Posted Tuesday at 23:32


If you argue like this, my decks could cost 5000$ an I could say "yeah, this is budget compared to Vintage".
So no it isn't, this is stupid! If you make it budget then it should be budget and should not contain cards that you pay 30$ for a playset. The challange to make a deck budget is that you need to find cards that replace the more expensive ones and result in a comparable matchup. It is not possible all the time but hey, that's a challange to solve and go like if you don't own anything of it. If you own most of the cards and give a statement like "yeah but I own most of it and just need to buy these 10$ playset so it is budget", it is worth nothing too, you instead should act like you fresh started and don't own anything to really say it is budget!

This is my opinion to this topic

Posted Wednesday at 09:06