useless creature,oups you lost

by EpicZefrek on 19 December 2016

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Deck Description

0 cost creatures and retract will either feed the milling with altar of the brood or fule a long storm string with brain freeze. When I play against blue counterspell decks I use sideboard to transform it to an agressive creature deck . The salvage Titan keeps coming back making the deck very annoying . With Time Sieve and Salvage Titan I can easily get Avatar of Woe out very fast and tap to kill blockers. Also every sacrifice triggers the disciple of the vault's ability. Killing you faster. Deck was built with cards I have or that were not extremely expensive (breaking 6$ vs Glimpse the Unthinkable 100$).

How to Play

When I play the deck I try to reach 4 artifacts in play as soon as possible to use the thoughtcast and cycle trough the deck. Then I play the thought scour and the breaking while blocking with the creatures (important to keep them alive) . When I think I can end it I will use the retract and brain freeze and whatever is in my hand to reduce the library to 0 . If I play aginst a counterpell heavy deck I switch most of the milling cards for the creatures and play agressive attack. I use time sieve to sacrifice the 0 drops to gain extra turns when opponene is low on defences (disciple replaces altar, master and time sieve replace brain freeze , Salvage titan replaces breaking, Avatar and Bombardment replace retract)

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Deck discussion for useless creature,oups you lost

This isn't an infinite combo, right? You just play retract when you have enough artifacts for the win?

Posted 03 February 2017 at 05:22


Exactly . In most cases the chump blockers keep you alive and the retract and storm effect kill.

Posted 01 September 2017 at 04:27


When using the sideboard deck then the disciple of the vault grinds down the life with the abilities pf goblin bombardment, time sieve and salvage titan . Also the ability to put out a fast salvage titan and fast avatar can turn it into and agressive deck that wears you down by killing you everytime something dies and having recurring large attackers that clear the board and damage life points.

Posted 01 September 2017 at 04:33